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    DJ Lighting Tree

    Our most popular sound activated lighting system.
    2 ea - Chauvet Kinta FX that combines an LED derby effect, laser and SMD strobe in one compact fixture .

    2 ea - Chauvet FXPar 3  that is a compact effect par with multiple technologies in a single fixture. It includes three 8W Quad-color (RGB+UV) center LEDs, RGB SMD LED lights and SMD strobes

    1 ea - 8ft High T-Bar Light Stand

    Power Cords and Power Strip Included 

    $80.00 - rented with a system
    $100.00 - rented separately

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    Great for any event with plenty of light and effects to keep your guest on the dance floor! Our lighting package is considered an add-on to one of our complete DJ systems, which offers you some savings.
    Click below for a video review of our DJ Lighting Package.

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